Kristin's Kakes

 Cake Toppers

Acrylic cake toppers are now available to purchase with your cake order, or for you to use with your own cakes.
These come in a variety of colours and type styles. Mirror and Diamante letters and numerals are also available.
Email us for a quote.  We require 4-6 weeks to process your order. Urgent orders can be placed however an additional fee will have to be charged.


Other Products Available from Kristin's Kakes

Cupcakes: Kristin's Kakes provides cupcakes for any event, these can be matched to your cake, or to the theme or colours of your event.


Kake Pops

Kake Pops are the perfect addition to a party or event, they are bite size and can also be matched in with colours to your event. A big hit with kids and an excellent snack to take to your workplace.


Cookies and Biscuits 

Kristin's Kakes also offers biscuits that are great for small gifts or for name tags at a wedding or event. We offer gingerbread or butter biscuits.



Christmas at Kristin's Kakes

For Christmas, we are doing our cupcakes decorated in Christmas themed decorations. We are also doing a box of 6 cupcakes decorated as a Christmas wreath.



We are now able to supply our clients with a beautiful memento from their special occasion. This beautiful silver knife is engraved with the clients name, date and occasion being celebrated. This knife can be engraved and used many times making it a true family heirloom, to be loved and treasured down through the generations. For example Kate recently celebrated her 21st Birthday, we engraved "Katie Sandow  21st ", then when she is engaged the same knife will be used ~ the date and her fiancée's name added, same as for the wedding, this knife will be a memory of all these special moments in Kate's life.        

These knives can purchased individually or with the purchase of a cake.