Children's Novelty Cakes Children's Novelty Cakes Toy Story Themed Birthday Cake Woody is the only item on this cake that isn't edible. This cake was made for a big Toy Story Fan that also loves Minions so we included a mini minion at the base of his cake. 201579149 Minion Buttercream cake Edible icing image with birthday minion and personalised message. Edible chocolate '3' 201579150 Bananas in Pyjamas Handmade edible B1. Chocolate '3' 201579151 Buttercream sponge Edible icing image with personalised message and edible chocolate '2' 201579152 201579153 Peter Rabbit Edible handmade Peter Rabbit in his garden. The cake in the shape of a '1'. 201579154 Peter Rabbit Edible handmade Peter Rabbit, vegies , fence and sign. 201579155 Giant Cupcake Suitable for any special occasion. Painted in edible gold. 201579156 Hoot Edible icing image with personalised message and chocolate '2' 201579157 Rainbow fun. 100's & 1000's with handmade edible rainbow, sun and clouds in the shape of a '1'. 201579158 Edible icing image Buttercream finish with edible icing image and personalised message. Chocolate '8' 201579159 Moto X Off road cake with edible tree stump and flags. 201579160 Tree Stump Birthday cake Chocolate mudcake with chocolate 'bark', edible handmade mushrooms and '1'. 201579161 Darth Vader Fondant finished cake with edible icing image of Darth Vader. 201579162 Minion Birthday Minion edible image with personalised birthday message. 201579163 Ladybird Cake Ladybird birthday cake complete with bees, mushrooms, flowers and grass. 201579165 Football themed birthday cake Birthday cake for twin boys. Edible icing images of their football teams with a handmade edible football. Chocolate '8' 201579166 Rabbit Birthday cake This cake would also be ideal for the family to share at Easter. Handmade and edible he is so cute popping out of this marble dark and white chocolate mudcake. 201579167 Elephant Christening cake This cake is ideal for birthdays, christening or baby shower. Handmade edible elephant with edible bunting. 201579168 Elephant topper 201579169 Hootabelle Cake Topper Handmade edible cake topper. Suitable for any special occasion. 201579170 Alice in Wonderland All handmade and edible. This cake featured all the clients favourite characters from the classic novel Alice in Wonderland. 201579171 Princess Birthday Cake Pink and pretty. Just what every little girl would love. 201579172 Legend of Zelda Handmade and edible this cake depicts the character and scene from Legend of Zelda. 201579173