Kristin's Kakes

About us..

Kristin's Kakes was established in July 2009 with the announcement of my daughters engagement, which along with this came the request for me to create her wedding cake. Although I have been involved in many facets of the art world, I was yet to break into the cake decorating sector. I began by enrolling into a few beginner classes, but found my love for creative and loud designs when I went out on a whim after only one or two classes.

My first tackle was the engagement cake for my daughter, Louise and her fiance, Frank. This cake needed to feed over 200 of Frank's Italian family and the quest began to find a cake that was not only a fresh design that would 'wow' the crowd, but something that I could successfully complete! Design one was a single 2 tiered cake that was my first real go at creating on a large scale. This cake has proven to be very popular for many others who have ordered the same design, and matching the colours to their event.


 The engagement party was still a few months away so I continued to practice the simple skills required whilst making small birthday cakes for friends. The birthday of my daughters fiance, Frank, was my first big celebration cake that was seen by many people and the pressure was on to create something that related well to the customer as well as be appealing to those at the party. It is doing cakes like Franks that is what I do best. I strive to find out what you are interested in, your hobbies, likes and dislikes, and create a cake that will be a joy to not only eat, but to look at. Here's Franks 30th birthday cake - Mr Business!

 28th of November - The engagement party is here! After all the practice and a week and a half of decorating the final design, the cake is finished. The design represents a heart shaped chocolate box that is slightly open, spilling out with flowers, ribbons and jewels. The colour of the engagement party and wedding is peaches and cream and the cake reflected this.

 With my business kick-started with these cakes, I now create many special occasion cakes every week. Check out my photos to see all my cakes.